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Reflexology Geneva Switzerland

Sarah is excellent, a true reflexologist with healing hands that naturally find the areas that need more attention. I would highly recommend to anyone.

I found the course of treatment to be beneficial, informative and interesting. The treatment flagged issues I then realised were something to address, such as pore posture and stiff neck. It gave me the opportunity to stop and be restful when I otherwise would be rushing around, and I have quickly overcome flu like symptoms and back cramp.

I like how Sarah is able to focus each session on a different area depending on how I feel. I have made several changes to my lifestyle as a result of treatments and have seen a great improvement to my sleeping.

When I began treatment with Sarah, I did it because I love having my feet rubbed and thought (hoped) she could help me with my acid reflux. I never thought I would feel this much better after just one month of treatments. I have not had a serious bout of reflux since, my stress levels are lower and I have much more energy.

Sarah’s sessions bring me a deep sense of calm, which no other form of massage or treatmnt can achieve. Her healing hands are second to none and I leave each session feeling restored in both body and soul. Could not recommend more highly. 

When I first met Sarah she said ‘even if you don’t believe it works, it’s a nice relaxing hour of your feet being rubbed’. I honestly believe that reflexology with Sarah throughout my pregnancy and post partum period have been a huge contributor to me staying balanced, keeping my digestive system in check and feeling more relaxed. I’ve continued regular sessions and everytime I leave feeling lighter and that things are working their way through my body. Sarah is amazing, cannot recommend her more! 🩷

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